Many schools across the country are in a state of disrepair. Last year, the Baltimore Sun reported on the Baltimore public schools, citing “aging roofs, rusted pipes, cracking steps and broken elevators” that amounted to a price tag of nearly $3 billion. Such maintenance problems are a hazard to students and faculty and can adversely affect students’ ability to learn. But, as the above dollar figure demonstrates, safety and education are not the only casualties of old, crumbling schools.

The longer that repairs and renovations go unsolved, the higher the costs. The reason for this fact is that maintenance problems like leaky pipes and poor ventilation can lead to other problems, like mold. Health hazards in schools can lead to lower enrollment as families move away to better schools.

Renovations can help to reverse the damage to the structure and the community. Here are four reasons to consider school renovations.

Renovations Often Cost Less than Rebuilding

It costs less to renovate a building than to build one. Many of the problems that old schools have are fixable, and when compared to the costs of finding a suitable site for a new school, constructing roads and sewers to that new site, and transportation costs if the new site is farther away from town, it’s obvious which solution will cost less.

Renovations Take Less Time

Part of the reason that renovation costs less than rebuilding is that it doesn’t take as long to complete. Renovations can save up to a year by some estimates when compared to reconstruction, which allows students and faculty to return to their normal routines more quickly.

Reusing Materials

The average school in the U.S. is about 40 years old, but many are much older and contain materials that are too expensive for most school districts today. Materials that add value and prestige to a school building—such as marble stairs, handcrafted wood flooring and fixtures, and copper trim—are too difficult to obtain for most schools today with tight budgets. Renovations allow communities to keep the old while reaping the benefits of the new.

Renovations Affect the Whole Community

When people make repairs to any part of their community, the whole community benefits. Considering that the school system is the lifeblood of many communities, affecting property values and the economy alike, it’s no wonder that so many towns and cities decide to invest in their schools.

Get the Right Help for Your School Renovations

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